Work Philosophy

My primary professional concern is workplace wellbeing.
Jeffrey B., Founder of MLCCG

I am an advocate of mindfulness and meditation as components of a well-balanced workplace wellbeing initiative. Because of my prior experience in the legal profession, I am particularly focused on lawyer wellbeing initiatives that encompass both self-care tools, as well as access to third-party professional care. My approach to the design of wellbeing initiatives is equally applicable to the broader workplace, as well as the narrower legal vertical.

I believe that any successful wellbeing initiative must be available to equity owners, non-equity workers, assistants and staff-- top to bottom. I also believe that the women and men who work at a particular firm or company, possess the best vision of what is needed. Or wanted. Or most likely to be accepted.

Wellbeing-- whatever that may mean for each particular firm or company-- is really up to you. I can certainly help, but what that looks like and how it's implemented, is ultimately up to each respective workplace and the workers.

I have enjoyed success, working (confidentially) with others. To those I have not yet worked with: Let's work together!

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