Who we are

A lawyer-led group that practices, instructs and advocates for the incorporation of mindfulness and secular meditation into the professional lives of law students, lawyers and judges, as a tool for cultivating well-being and emotional intelligence. In furtherance of that mission, MLCCG collaborates with law firms (and other legal institutions) to design culture-sensitive mindfulness and meditation programs, as components of well-being programming, in the workplace. To assure clients of our bona fides, we have joint-ventured with two teachers who are trained/certified by two nationally recognized programs: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (“MBSR”) and the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (“SIYLI”).

When life looms large, make your world small.
-- Jeff B., Founder of MLCCG
The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group, LLC (“MLCCG”) is a single member Illinois limited liability company, registered with the Illinois Secretary of State, and based in Chicago.

Jeffrey BunnThe founding Member of MLCCG is retired litigation attorney Jeffrey H. Bunn, who practiced in both State and Federal courts for nearly 40 years, and was previously a member of a Management Committee for a Chicago law firm. “I’m one of us. I’ve represented many different clients in a variety of civil matters, was a former ethics partner and have managed (and been managed by) others. I understand how lawyers and law firms operate. I also understand business and business people. And I’m a regular meditator, trained in the vipassana tradition and schooled in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction ("MBSR")”. He is also a MILS Certified Guided Meditation Teacher.

Jeff is a member of the Wellbeing Work Alliance, and was prior chair of the Chicago Bar Association (“CBA”) Commercial Litigation committee, and more recently, the founder and chair of the CBA committee on Mindfulness and the Law. He is also co-chair of the Chicago chapter of the Culture Collective organization and sits on the Boards of the American Institute for Cancer Research, as well as the World Cancer Research Fund UK and Wereld Kanker Onderzoek Fond, in the Netherlands.

Jeff is a great guy and truly one of the people in the wellness space that gets it.
-- Robin B., JD, LCPC
Dir. of Wellbeing at Kirkland & Ellis
Jeff was the initial vice-chair of the Lawyers’ Assistance Program (“LAP”) Illinois Task Force for Lawyer Well-Being (modeled after the National Task Force, which was endorsed by the American Bar Association).

Jeff has led guided meditation sessions for the American Association of Law Schools (“AALS”), the Mindfulness In Law Society ("MILS"), the ABA Women in Litigation section, as well as the State Bar of Nevada, and the Chicago Botanic Garden (for whom he has hosted a 6-week meditation course). In addition, Jeff has presented on matters concerning the incorporation of mindfulness and meditation into the practice of law for the Missouri State Bar ("MOBAR"), the CBA (including the Young Lawyers Section), Chicago Volunteer Legal Services (“CVLS”), Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund ("ATGF"), the National Association of Bar Executives (“NABE”) and the Catholic Lawyers Guild of Chicago ("CLG"), as well as other professional organizations. He has also presented to and led group meditation sessions for private law firms, including the office of a BigLaw firm in Warsaw, Poland.

Most recently, Jeff co-moderated and spoke at the National Conference on Lawyer Well-Being, and was named a "Trailblazer" in the legal industry by The American Lawyer magazine. Before that, he was featured in a CLE piece and a "Reimagining Law" interview posted by the Illinois Commission on Professionalism on it's 2Civility website, and was invited to appear as a guest in webinars hosted by AwareHealth and the Lawyers Emotional Intelligence Book Club. He has also been a guest on The Thought Leadership podcast, the Legal Learning podcast, the Be That Lawyer podcast and the Nishant Garg podcast.

Jeff's signature talk addresses the business case for introducing mindfulness and meditation as part of the business models of law firms (Episode 24 of the "in brief" podcast produced by ALPS Insurance--the United States' largest direct writer of lawyer malpractice insurance).

Jeff was previous blogger-in-chief of the, “The Mindful Law Guy” blog, has published content in the Wellness Esquire blog, the Chicago Bar Association Record and the Illinois State Bar Association Journal. He has also written two books (Canary In The Coalmine and Res Ipsa Loquitor  ["The Thing Speaks for Itself"]) that are both submitted for publication, as well as a screenplay (The Meditation Hesitation Blues ), which has been submitted for sale and production.

Project Leaders

The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group (“MLCCG”) has established a joint venture with two teachers trained/certified by well known, preeminent meditation-based programs: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (“MBSR”) and Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (“SIYLI”).

Jeffrey H. Bunn - LinkedIn profile
Rebecca Bunn (no relation) - LinkedIn profile
Sharyn Galindo - LinkedIn profile

The respective training and expertise of the above-referenced leaders is integral to our work, as is the constructive input of our clients, for whom we design and implement customized wellbeing programs.

Collaborative LCSW’s

MLCCG has established an informal affiliation with several licensed clinical social workers (all of whom are personally known to MLCCG and all of whom are endorsed by MLCCG) who incorporate mindfulness practices—where appropriate—in their professional recommendations to patients. Those LCSW’s are (alphabetically, by last name):MLCCG endorses what it refers to as meditative activity (similar to the above attachment of the "Walk-n-Talk Therapy" video). Meditative activity can be many forms of physical exercise or other kinesiological activity that facilitates the focus of attention, and encourages one to become more readily aware of one's thoughts and emotions.

DISCLAIMER: MLCCG is not medically qualified to endorse any individual LCSW.

My 22 years of teaching mindfulness through the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program has provided me with enumerable examples of the power of this practice and it's capacity to bring positive changes to the lives of those who learn it. This is particularly true for those in the legal profession, who face a myriad of difficult stressors in their day to day work live. I have witnessed, again and again, how learning to work with their minds and bodies has empowered legal professionals to make significant changes in their lives and reduce the cycle of daily stress they incur in their jobs.
I can think of no better individual to bring mindfulness training to the legal profession than Jeffrey Bunn. His considerable experience as a practicing attorney, along with his many years of mediation training, make him uniquely qualified to bring mindfulness training to the legal community. Jeffrey brings a remarkable energy and a deep sense of purpose to his work of teaching mindfulness. I heartily recommend him and his sense of mission.
-- Christopher C., PhD, LCSW

Who we are NOT

I was a lawyer for over 30 years before leaving to become a psychotherapist 10 years ago. In my therapy practice, I see numerous lawyers with anxiety and self-esteem issues, as well as the challenges of work-life balance. I believe that the experience of mindfulness and meditation can have powerful benefits for lawyers, and I applaud law firms that encourage and support such practices.
-- Alan L., JD, MA, LCSW
The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group. LLC (“MLCCG”) does not proselytize or promote any religious or philosophical point of view. Neither MLCCG nor any individual agent of MLCCG is licensed to practice medicine, or any of the licensed medical/psychiatric arts. Neither MLCCG nor any individual agent of MLCCG counsels or advises individuals as to any legal concerns, or otherwise professes to practice law. Neither MLCCG nor any individual agent of MLCCG endorses any particular political or social agenda.

Mission Statement

Mindfulness and meditation are key tools in the lawyer well-being toolkit. If lawyers are not well and present in the moment, they cannot competently do their jobs.
-- Stephanie V., attorney
We advocate and teach the benefits of Mindfulness and the practice of meditation in the legal profession, and support the well-being of students, lawyers and judges in the practice of law.

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