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                                        -- ForbesWomen (August, 2020)

The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group LLC provides on-location mindfulness and meditation programs for law firms in individual or group settings. We are of lawyers, by lawyers and for lawyers.

Are you an attorney and are curious about meditation, but skeptical about how it can be applied in a professional environment?
Read 5 easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your workday.

Are you a Firm Manager or HR Executive?
Learn how our services can be offered as an employee benefit.

We know it sounds odd...meditation at a law firm? You may be thinking that mindfulness and meditation is all about hippies, candles, and chanting. And that's okay...many people do at first. But it's much more relatable than you might think. Allow us to dispel these myths with real-world examples of how mindfulness and meditation helps with productivity and the bottom line of a law firm.

what is mindfulness and meditation?