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5 easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your workday

  1. Take a lunch hour yoga class at a nearby studio.
  2. Weather permitting; take a mind clearing walk , or run (or take a lap or two inside the office, if it’s raining or too cold outside).
  3. Before a stressful phone call or meeting that you don’t expect to go well, close your office door, turn off the lights, turn off /down your computer email notice, hit the DND button on your phone and spend a few minutes getting back in touch with your breath—and work all that out with your admin, in advance!
  4. Use your time walking (or driving) to court noticing, or thinking about, something other than what you want to argue before the judge—preferably, something pleasant. Maybe, something personal. Don’t obsess about a matter for which you’ve already spent time preparing.
  5. Remember that whatever you will be discussing or arguing about, and regardless of who you will be talking to, or arguing with, it isn’t personal. Sure, it may be a matter of importance to your client, but it’s not personal to you.
  6. Bonus advice: Give yourself a break. You’re well prepared, and you’re ready to give it your best shot—now show yourself a little love!

I was a lawyer for over 30 years before leaving to become a psychotherapist 10 years ago. In my therapy practice, I see numerous lawyers with anxiety and self-esteem issues, as well as the challenges of work-life balance. I believe that the experience of mindfulness and meditation can have powerful benefits for lawyers, and I applaud law firms that encourage and support such practices.
-- A.L., JD, MA, LCSW


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