What are "MBSR" and "SIYLI"?

MBSR and SIYLI are acronyms for two respected programs that were founded by visionaries in Boston (University of Massachusetts Medical School) and Silicon Valley (Google), respectively. MBSR is shorthand for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and SIYLI is shorthand for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

The MBSR program was originally developed to target medical/therapeutic/psychological applications and has since been adopted by organizations to support the workplace, while the SIYLI program has more of a business emphasis—particularly, the cultivation of management and leadership skills. Together, the MBSR and SIYLI programs constitute a formidable, fact-based practicum for lawyers, as well as any business person.

Differences aside, both programs start in the same place; they both recognize mindfulness, meditation, and yoga as foundations for well-being. Both for our mind and for our body. Better focused attention, a more crisp awareness of present time/place, increased resilience and improved emotional intelligence—all of those skills have “real world” application in the legal workplace, and the broader business community.

Simple. Secular. Scientific. And, now, Synthesized. Or, more lyrically, Symphonic.

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