When does MLCCG teach meditation?

I founded a business called Mindfulness Rising, where I worked with organizations to bring mindfulness practices to their employees as well as with schools to bring mindfulness practices to their students. I believe these practices can be transformative for our health, our stress levels, our focus and our productivity. I welcome the presence of The Mindful Law Group in the market.
-- Lena K., EdD

“When” means two different things, to us.If the question is, when does The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group, LLC (“MLCCG”) teach or lead meditation classes, the answer is—whenever it is contracted to do so.

If the question is understood more broadly to inquire as to how long one needs to meditate in order to realize a material benefit, the answer (in terms that most lawyers will understand) is, it depends whether one is going to make a "lump sum payment" or a series of "installment payments".

Do you have the time or inclination to sit for a longer period of time (30 minutes or longer) at once, or does your schedule/preference dictate that you sit for shorter periods of time (5 minutes or less), on multiple occasions throughout the day? You don't have to sit like a monk, in order to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Perhaps, a few minutes immediately before a contentious phone call or meeting, or even, before a contentious court appearance. Close the office door, turn off the light and hit DND. Or, weather permitting, take a meditative walk outdoors. If you choose to remain indoors, perhaps, get up from your desk and “take a lap”.

Whatever the case may be, as long as one is consistent, either the “lump sum” approach, the “installment payment” approach (or a combination of the two) will all confer a palpable benefit. The key to mental/emotional fitness (as with physical fitness), is commitment and consistency.

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