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This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away

When I started this blog, I had no idea it would last so long or would be read by so many. It's been a privilege to air my thoughts about mindfulness, meditation and mental health-- it's also been a lot of fun. But all things must end, and there are other voices that need to be heard.

My business of coaching, consulting and teaching will continue but the blog has run its course, and will no longer be posted-- at least, not regularly. I'll still be thinking about the topics I have devoted so much time and attention to, but I won't burden others with those thoughts.

To the hundreds of women and men across the States and around the world with whom I've communicated, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support-- it has been a sincere pleasure!

For my final post, I'd like to reshare a 10-line story that I came across recently, while shuffling through some old papers-- as I recall, it was composed as an entry to a contest the Chicago Bar Association sponsored several years ago.

The tile was (is) THE HAPPY LAWYER and it pretty much sums up the story of the past several years, for me:

Once upon a time there was an old lawyer who discovered mindfulness and meditation, quite by accident.

He tried to share his discovery with other lawyers, but they did not wish to listen-- the silence was deafening.

"Maybe the left brain cannot understand the right brain", he mused.

So the old lawyer embraced the silence, and while others closed their ears, he closed his eyes. And he examined his mind. Which-- again, quite by accident-- led him to open his heart.

And he was happy.

The end.


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