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The Silence Has Been Deafening

7 years ago, I started the Mindfulness and Law Committee for the Chicago Bar Association. 5 years ago, I retired from the practice of law, and founded the Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group and as part of that new organization, I began blogging regularly (over 300 blogs) about the roles of mindfulness and meditation in the nascent lawyer wellbeing movement.

I organized and produced a couple remote conferences (post-COVID) attended by hundreds of individuals, and featuring speakers who addressed a variety of issues relevant to lawyer wellbeing and the state of mental health in the legal profession-- I also participated as a speaker/panel host in wellbeing conferences hosted by other organizations operating within the legal field.

I've coached innumerable individual lawyers and spent hours conversing with an insurance expert about promoting a health insurance program aimed at equity stakeholders, to further stimulate interest in the lawyer wellbeing cause by appealing to older attorneys through a product that was conceptually familiar to them. I was even named a "Trailblazer" by The American Lawyer magazine.

You could say, I've been around the proverbial block when it comes to matters of workplace wellbeing in law firms, specifically, and the business world, in general. Unfortunately, from my perspective, although I built it (in a manner of speaking), they-- institutional clients-- haven't yet come.

Surprised? Notwithstanding my apparent naivete and lack of financial backing, I have to say that I am surprised. Disappointed? Sure. But nonetheless, hopeful-- always!


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