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Open Response To A Curious Lawyer

Dear Susan (name changed to preserve confidentiality),

Thank you for writing, and more importantly, thank you for asking the question: "Where is the quiet in the middle of all this?".

The context that precedes your question is certainly important, but I think all of us can understand your inquiry by imagining a professional situation of our own. Such are the demands that are thrust upon us, as lawyers (not to mention other professional men and women).

The direct answer to your question is, "within yourself". It may be one of the last places we look, but that's where the quiet is--or, at least, it's where it can be. I know that probably sounds a bit new-agey, but it isn't my intention to come off like that.

The craziness will continue to swirl around us, but we can find the quiet--we need to find the quiet--by making time for ourselves. I think your question really answers itself.

Put your butt on a cushion (or a chair, or whatever you sit on), take a walk, or just stand. Close your eyes (if that's doable, or comfortable) and listen. Feel what your body is feeling. Observe what your mind is thinking and say to yourself, "OK". You know what to do.

Like the Nike ad says, "Just Do It"!


P.S. Even though you're a long way from Chicago, I'd love to meet and talk to you.


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