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The "Mindful Minute"

Once and for all, we need to educate the legal profession--the entire public, in general-- about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. And we also need to seed receptivity to future mindfulness and meditation programs. The reasons are legion, and much has already been said or written about those reasons-- I won't/can't add to the statistical and scientific avalanche of information that others have previously provided.

We need to continue disseminating the avalanche of information as widely as possible, and normalize (to use the current phrase} the wisdom of mindfulness and the practice of meditation. The time for equivocation and skepticism has passed-- particularly now that the issue of well-being has begun to gain traction in the legal profession, and other sectors.

Mindfulness and meditation are critical pieces of the well-being pie. They're the "mind" part of the mind/body dichotomy that we all recognize, and until the mind is given the same attention that the body receives, we will never achieve complete well-being. That's just plain common sense.

"Let's share a Mindful Minute by closing our eyes. Arriving at this moment. Finding our breath. And quieting our minds. [Pause in silence for 1 minute]. Welcome to the present."

That's the Mindful Minute that I believe should precede every private meeting and public gathering, be it a political event, an arts-related event, or a sports-related event. Imagine.... You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

The Mindful Minute is simple, secular and scientific--just like the Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group!


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