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You May Say I'm A Dreamer

HEADLINE: Law Firm Asks Lawyers To Start Day With Minute Of Silence-- that article has not yet been written, but I know for a fact that it's true.

"The minute of silence helps me transition at the start of my day, and focus my attention on the professional matters that I have to address for my clients". That testimonial has yet to be published, but I have heard those very words spoken by a lawyer I didn't know well, and from whom I did not expect to hear such a claim.

A minute of silence at the beginning of the day--any day--is powerful and, quite honestly, exhilarating. It's empowering. And it is as simple (and private, if that is what one chooses) as any of us could possibly imagine. I'd like to see it become part of more law firms, and I would extend it to management and administrative staff, as well.

Just imagine.

Where might such a practice, or policy, lead? Maybe nowhere. Maybe the novelty would wear off, and people would mindlessly revert to their prior ways. That's certainly possible, but nobody would be any worse for wear. And for the rest of us, who might continue to start the day with a minute of silence?

In almost 40 years of practicing law, I never started a day by gifting myself a minute of silence. Since retiring from the practice, however, I have started every day with a silent mindful minute--quite frankly, I cannot imagine doing anything otherwise. Better late than never!

One minute of silence, to gather one's self--to shake off whatever may have transpired in getting to that place, and settle--to suspend thought about what may lie ahead, as the day progresses--one minute for one's own self. What a concept.

Before the billable hour clock starts ticking. Before the crush of email and phone calls and meetings that start the hamster wheel turning. Before the routine of multi-tasking begins--something we have been proven not to be very good at, and not really designed to handle.

Silence begets stillness. It also has the salutary effect of bringing us into the present--which is a good place to be. To paraphrase John Lennon, I hope some day you'll join me!


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