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Don't Get Mad.....

Get even? Get E-Trade? How about, get a handle on your emotions? Learn to better manage them, and become more persuasive. And in the bargain, become more civil. Isn't that why clients engage lawyers?

Can we learn to manage emotion? Sure. And I believe that the best way to do that is through mindfulness and meditation--one of my favorite meditations is an emotion-meditation. What are emotions? Can we learn to recognize them--to feel them-- without letting them rule us? Can we focus our awareness of how we feel in a given moment, in a way that allows us to use emotion to be more persuasive?

With work and persistence (i.e., regular practice) the answer is, "yes". Can that empower us to become better--more effective--personally and professionally? Again, I believe the answer is, "yes". And what (you may ask) do I base that belief upon? Personal experience. The proverbial horse's mouth.

Without doubt, emotion--expressed appropriately--can pump up one's presentation, but it's all about how that emotion is managed. Can we use emotion to engage and persuade, rather then enrage and dissuade? Like so many things in life, it's all about balance. But how to strike that balance? That's where mindfulness and meditation can help. They sure helped me.

I think we all agree that repressing emotion is not a good approach-that's not a winning strategy, on a whole host of levels. So what's the alternative? How about engaging emotion? Feeling it, and naming it? You know--the old name it to tame it thing. Get curious about whatever it is that you're feeling--like I suggested in one of my earlier posts, get inside the curl of the wave.

That's where meditation can up our game--really make a difference. Sure, it's a challenge and some days the bear will get us, but who ever said that good things come easy? Managing emotion ain't easy.

Meanwhile, don't knock it if you haven't tried it. And don't get mad, get [you fill in the blank]! 


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