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Setting An Intention for 2020

Do you have a specific intention for the coming year? If not, may I suggest one for you? How about: "I choose to be mindful of my well-being".

Mindfulness and meditation are both significant (though for some, not obvious) components of one's sense of well-being. Thoughtfulness. Self-care. Prioritization of one's well-being, among the handful of things that really matter-- not just for 2020, but for our entire life on this, the third rock from the sun.

That's what our wonderfully rich, diverse and complex planet is-- and we're a part of it. The richness, and diversity and complexity. We're also delicate and requiring of attention-- of intention-- that is to say, we need reminders. Something to keep us focused, among all the daily distractions.

Well-being is a personal choice. Yes, I have advocated in the past (and continue to advocate) for the involvement of our law firms-- of all workplaces-- in promoting well-being. But few of us are in a position to influence or control our workplace environment. All of us, on the other hand, can control our own behavior-- if we choose to do so.

So, while I and others continue to advocate for the initiation of thoughtful well-being programs in law firms and other workplaces, let's individually make a commitment to our personal sense of well-being. Let's remind ourselves, on a daily basis, of that commitment. Equally important, let's also do something to serve our own well-being be it through a practice, through exercise, through eating habits or drinking habits, or through solid, sound sleep habits-- let's habituate the importance of mind/body well-being.

Well-being is kind of like the "Slime" that my favorite grandson (for the moment, my only grandson) received this past holiday season. I don't usually think of well-being and Slime in the same thought, but in a way, the analogy is apt. They're both extremely fluid and malleable, and they both challenge my impulse toward order and organization--in a good way (that is also easy to clean up).

Well-being is manageable, but constantly challenging. Let's take that challenge in 2020 and make it a personal priority, so our law firms and other workplaces take note, and build upon our commitment to well-being!


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