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Hey Big Spender!

Not "me", as in "mine". Rather, "me" as in "time for ourselves". Plain, and simple. Spoiler alert: Mindfulness and meditation, are both "me" time.

That may sound simplistic to some, but really, time for ourselves is exactly what a lot of us need, and it's critically important-- especially now, as we wrestle with the daily realities of the current pandemic. Before we even begin to think about taking care of others, we need to first take care of ourselves-- even the airlines figured that out. Maybe it's time for the legal profession to get with the program?

I'm a recently retired lawyer, and I know what our lawyers are being asked to do-- required to do-- every day. Take care of others. Take care of clients. That's the attitude the entire commercial world has embraced, for decades: "The customer's always right". The unstated part of that popular aphorism, sadly, is: "You're not".

Respectfully, I believe that's wrong, or wrong-headed. Of course, it's important that we take care of our clients and the customers-- they deserve it, and that's how we make a living, That's how law firms and other businesses thrive, and survive. It's a big part of what makes the world go 'round. But the rules of commerce need to evolve, and begin to take into account the well-being of the women and men who serve the clients and customers.

Self-care is not self-ish, and it's time we make that point a part of the public wisdom that is so freely dispensed. Of course, commerce is important. Compensation is critical to our ability to support ourselves, and our families. But we are also important to the success of commerce, and our personal well-being is something that our law firms-- the entire business world-- needs to make a priority.

"We" begins with "me", and we all need to prioritize "me" time!


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