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Have Another Hit!

Doesn't it feel good-- especially now-- to be outside, and to breathe deep? I can tell you that right about now, early Spring in Chicago, and the coronavirus pandemic on the wane (at least, temporarily)-- it feels great to just breathe.

And speaking of the breath, I want to give a shout out to Sandy Abrams, a friend and the author of a tremendous book entitled, Breathe to Succeed. It's very specific, has insightful recommendations and will help us all scratch the breathing itch in a thoughtful, purposeful way. I'm a big fan!

But I digress-- back to fresh air and taking another hit. Back to the one thing that all of us have done all of our lives-- breathe. For me, and for all meditators trained in the vippasana tradition, the breath is our "anchor", which is the place we rest our attention-- the place to which we return after observing the mind thinking thoughts, or after noticing the emotions that our bodies are feeling.

Aside from getting all geeky about meditation, the breath has a number of fact-based, scientifically-verified physical benefits. Rather then recite those benefits here, I would refer you again to Sandy's book-- you might be surprised by what you learn!

As a lot of meditators have heard before (ad nauseum): "Meditation i's simple, but not easy". All I can say is, true dat. But a lot like the benefits of physical fitness, the benefits of mental/emotional fitness are hard to come by. Both physical and mental fitness are dependent upon commitment and regular practice. The good news is that the two are complementary, and can be paired together-- like good food, and good wine.

How to do that? Maybe by wrapping up our physical workout 5 minutes earlier, and cooling down by sitting in stillness and silence. After pumping iron, or exercising on the matt, or after running first thing in the morning-- or whenever. Taking care of the mind part of the mind/body dichotomy that we all know to be part of a complete fitness routine, is oh so important.

Google it. Or Bing it. And while you're at it, have another hit!


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