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Of Mindfulness, Meditation And ALSPs

It's September, we're heading toward the 4th Q, and we're looking at alternative service providers (ALSPs"), for 2021. They're changing the way law firms do business.

As quoted in a recent LAW.COM article, one former managing partner said, "Law firms have to stop seeing things through their own prism-- what's good for us. Instead, they [we] need to look for what is in the best interest of their clients." Increasingly (according to statistics relied upon by LAW.COM), that means collaborating with third-party service providers-- ALSPs.

As a matter of stated fact, their Breaking Tradition series aims to provide insight into the world of, "New Law: the innovative ideas, the thoughtful opinions and the alternative paths that many looking to reshape the legal industry have taken." In other words, to boldly go where no man has gone before-- sounds a bit like StarTrek to me, but let's go there.

ALSPs are increasingly the means by which law firms are implementing change. While transparency and trust are, of course, crucial it is also critical that law firm due diligence explore what exactly it is that an ALSP is offering, who they seek to represent, where they find their talent and what segment of the market they seek to serve. Nowhere is that more important than in engaging an ALSP that teaches and facilitates the implementation of mindfulness and meditation.

The increased awareness and importance of lawyer well-being (of which, mindfulness and meditation are important components) has been widely promoted by the American Bar Association ("ABA") by lending its support to the Report created by the National Task Force for Lawyer Well-Being. The endorsement of the ABA has been full-throated, and concern about the well-being of lawyers has been growing-- in spite of the coronavirus pandemic.

That's where the work of The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group {"MLCCG") begins, and the concepts of mindfulness and meditation in the legal profession become reality. Understanding concept and implementing reality-- where the rubber hits the road. That's the intersection where MLCCG stands.

For many, the notion of collaborating with an ALSP is a thought process associated exclusively with technology, but a lot of the innovation currently happening within the legal profession involves more than just technology-- it involves the health and welfare (the well-being) of the women and men who are using that improved technology.

MLCCG = ALSP? Breaking old traditions? Creating new traditions? You bet-- now, more than ever!


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