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Hurricane Season

Meteorologically speaking, we're well into the hurricane season for storms that originate in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricanes are an annual fact of life, here in the United States.

The storms of thought and emotion that affect our minds and bodies, however, are not so predictable and don't peak or subside in accordance with the calendar. They don't come and go with any regularity or rhythm.

Unfortunately, there is no Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA") to help us bail out or lend a helping hand when we are unexpectedly struck by a troubling thought or emotion. Although there are trained professionals who can assist, it's usually up to us to initiate that process. It's also a costly endeavor that many of us may not be able to afford.

Are there any useful alternatives? Well, I'm not a medical professional or trained mental health professional, but I am a huge fan of mindfulness and meditation-- I'm also a fan of the idea that we should all have ready access to tools that can help us deal with the storms of thought and emotion that often visit.

Of course, some of us suffer from medically diagnosable mental health conditions that require trained professional assistance. For anyone who may warrant or require that assistance, I say-- please get it! For the rest of us (maybe even those who require professional advice or assistance), there are the benefits of meditation and the state of awareness that it encourages, referred to as mindfulness.

Mental health is an increasing area of focus and attention-- even in the workplace. The stigma that many of us have attached to matters of mental health in the past, is rapidly being dismantled, and is deserving of our considered attention-- especially in the workplace.

Weather-wise, hurricane season is most certainly upon us, and it is also an appropriate time for us to reflect upon the internal storms of thought and emotion that mindfulness and meditation can help to address.

It's all about preparation, and practice!


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