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Autumn Leaves Must Fall

That old classic by Chad and Jeremy has been rattling around in my head during dog walks lately, and I couldn't help but wonder whether that song could have any lessons to be learned, related to mindfulness and meditation-- of course, it does!

As another of my all-time favorite musicians once wrote, all things must pass. A tip of the hat to George Harrison for that incredible melody and lyric! And it's a bit more to the point when it comes to the matter of impermanence. All things do pass, so maybe we should practice the act of allowing that to happen?

Some things-- like people, places or certain occurrences that hold special significance for us-- are hard to let go of, and their memory remains with us a long time. Other things-- and the thoughts or emotions that attach to them-- are more ephemeral. Whatever the case may be, we can practice the art of letting things pass-- it's simple, but surely not easy.

And if at first we don't succeed, we must try, try again! That's essentially what meditation is all about-- trying again, And again, And again. I really need-- and appreciate-- a daily dose or two of, "me time". As well as the improvement I sense in self-regulation of my thoughts and emotions. We fill our own cup, so we can help to fill the cups of others!

Which reminds me of another thing that I really need-- in larger doses than usual, during the Winter months (which are upon us, here in the Northern Hemisphere): Self-care and self-compassion. That's the good stuff, and the really important stuff. It's like chicken soup for the soul, and certain meditations--especially metta meditations  -- are super ways to slurp up that "soup".

So, when the rain beats against your window pane, put your butt on the cushion (or kneeling bench, or chair, or whatever you prefer) and dream, mindfully, of you!


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