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Ain't It Great To be Crazy?

"Crazy" is the absence of well-being (in this, January of 2021, it could be defined other ways, but I'm not going there).  The answer to the question (however one defines it) is, "no". It ain't great to be crazy.

Inexplicably, the leaders of the legal profession-- and much of the business world-- have apparently decided that it is better for the rest of us to be "crazy" (not well), and that's a real head scratcher. We've all heard the political maxim: Divide and conquer, but really?

Granted, short-term revenue streams are uncertain and the addition of new line items to an institutional budget is difficult, but doing difficult things is exactly what we need our leaders to do. And moving money that has already been allocated (such as "D & I", or unspecified "Firm events") to a newly identified-- and equally urgent concern, such as "Well-Being"-- is another matter, all together.

That is even more the case when there is significant overlap, such as the overlap that exists between the existing line items suggested above, and the matter of well-being. I've talked and written about that overlap before, and will not repeat myself in this post. Whether it's a case of moving allocated money to a new line item, or creating a well-being program and simply calling it something else in order to adhere to an existing budget concern, it's really not that difficult to do.

Promoting the health and well-being of lawyers-- of all of us-- is not something that needs to be overthought. Quite to the contrary. it should be prioritized, and acted upon! Identifying resources, and finding creative ways to allocate them, is something that our executives and/or managers simply need to do-- right now.

Mindfulness and meditation-- particularly with the secular emphasis that is taught and embraced by The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group-- are important components of a balanced well-being initiative, but that is a topic for another day.

Boom! Boom! We don't need to be "crazy"!


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