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Gulliver's Travels

I'm an incredibly lucky guy. Because of business and eleemosynary travel commitments, I've travelled several times to London and have been privileged, in my personal time, to meet several tremendously talented people who are big-time players in the emerging area of well-being.

I speak specifically of Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare (an arm of the UK Law Society), Jamie Bristow, Director of The Mindfulness Initiative (secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness), Rob Stephenson, Founder of Inside-Out (and vocal mental health advocate), as well as David Jacobs, CEO of The Wellbeing Work Alliance (and organizer of the First and Second Annual Wellbeing for Lawyers conferences).

I am certainly no Jonathan Swift (yet another Brit and, of course, the author of the book after which this blog is titled) but I am an unabashed Anglophile and advocate for lawyer well-being, who has learned a lot from the acquaintances I've made, in the course of my travels to England-- which is (in my opinion) way ahead of us in the States, in terms of both awareness and action.

I've also had the unique experience of meeting Polish mindfulness sister, Karina Furga-Dombrowska, a tax partner in the Warsaw office of the Dentons law firm (and Europe-- Chief Mindfulness Officer, for the very same firm). As a result of my meeting with her, I have also come to be of the opinion that the continent of Europe is a good deal ahead of us here in the States, when it comes to mindfulness and meditation initiatives, in the workplace-- particularly, the legal workplace.

Next up (I hope) will be the Netherlands, where I also have business that will-- the COVID pandemic permitting-- take me, this year. Other Northern European cities, and Southern European cites, are places I also expect to find new acquaintances who are active, in the lawyer well-being space. Then, of course, there is the Middle East, Far East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Canada-- so many connections yet to make!

There are intellectual and emotional Lilliputians (small-minded people) everywhere, but there are many more people from whom we can learn. Mindfulness and meditation have travelled around the world many times, and the opportunity to learn more about them-- as well as their role as pillars of well-being-- is virtually endless.

The only one stopping us, is us !


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