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The Art Of Show-And-Tell

Imagine a woman walking into a house, being greeted by the tumult of three young kids, a large barking dog and a husband who had (presumably) been left to supervise, but is actually participating in the chaos.

Then imagine that same woman abruptly turning around, walking back out the door, climbing into her vehicle and closing the door, as she closes her eyes and sinks blissfully into silence and stillness, with text subtly emerging across the bottom of the screen (in case you missed the message), whispering: "The Power of Sanctuary".

Show-and-tell. Welcome to the sanctuary of your vehicle Or, as I prefer-- welcome to the sanctuary of mindfulness and meditation! Granted, the idea of meditating in one's car is not exactly a practice typically associated with meditation, but it serves to make the point: Silence and stillness are powerful antidotes for chaos and confusion.

However/wherever/whenever we meditate, we gift ourselves a welcome respite from the craziness of life, and acquire a perspective that doesn't sugarcoat the craziness, but makes it all a bit more manageable: Occupationally, Intellectually, Socially, Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally.

Chaos, confusion and confrontation abound in the business world  -- particularly, in the legal profession. When I was practicing, hardly a day went by when I wasn't dealing one, or all, of those challenges. Be it with cranky clients, obstreperous partners or other work peers, outrageous opposing counsel or difficult judges, arbitrators or mediators. I needed a healthy dose of "me time" just to get through the day, and it was mindfulness that I strove to achieve-- meditation that I leaned on as my crutch.

The next time somebody or something "gets to you", try thinking about relaxing in your car. If that's too weird, try closing your office door (if you have one), hitting the DND button on your phone, turning off the cell and powering down the computer. Maybe even turning off the lights, closing your eyes and finding your breath.

But be forewarned-- you might actually like it!


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