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Polling On Mindfulness, Meditation And Workplace Well-Being For Lawyers

In November of 2020-- the month of the general election (here in the States), when polling is at it's height-- I posted 4 polls on LinkedIn and the results were resoundingly disappointing. Granted, I am not an experienced pollster, and I was the author of the polling questions, so it's reasonable to expect that I would be personally affected by the results-- but that doesn't explain away the clear gist of the final takeaway.

On November 19, the first polling question was, "Does mindfulness and/or meditation have any benefit to offer lawyers?". That poll netted 242 views, 9 votes and an overwhelming, "yes". A second poll was posted several days later, asking, "Are mindfulness and meditation components of well-being?". That poll got 98 views, 11 votes, and another overwhelming, "yes"-- the views were down by more than a half, but the number of votes was up, and the response remained the same!

Maybe (I mistakenly thought), I was onto something-- maybe the link between mindfulness/meditation and well-being (a link that was so obvious to me), was recognized by others? Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the case. Even worse-- it appeared that people just didn't care? Yikes-- curiosity was really going to kill this proverbial cat!

Undeterred, I posted a third poll, asking the more direct question, "Would the existence of a workplace well-being program be a factor in your consideration of new employers or firms?". In response, the poll received only 65 views and 2 votes, one of which was a, "maybe". Being somewhat chastened (to put it mildly), I posted a fourth poll asking. "Have you ever viewed a poll and declined to vote. If so, why?".

The fourth (and final) poll tallied 80 views and 3 votes-- 1 of which was for, "No response reflects my view". and 2 of which were for, "No interest in the topic". At that point, I was (finally) convinced to give it a rest. The LinkedIn world-- fickle though it may be-- was clearly not interested in my idea.

But, if at first you don't succeed... find a different world, and try a different tactic! The means of communication may change, but the message doesn't. Mindfulness and meditation are important components of a well-designed workplace well-being program, and sooner or later, the men and women who lead the business world-- particularly the legal profession-- will figure it out.

Until then, keep it interesante, my friends!


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