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Three Years Later

Three plus years and a bunch of blog postings later, this old hammer still sees traces of mindfulness and meditation in just about every nail (experience) possible. It's been a remarkable journey and, quite honestly, a lot of fun!

It has also been surprising-- who'd have thought that Pink Floyd (October of 2018), Hannah Arendt (February of 2019), PPP (February of 2020) and Admiral David Farragut (March of 2021) would inspire thoughts touching upon mindfulness and meditation? To be 100% truthful, I didn't-- who could?

As the popular saying goes: You can't make this stuff up-- I guess it all comes down to one's perspective, because that's what ultimately connects the dots. And isn't that what a lot of life is about? Connecting dots, and making sense of it all. How else could some imaginative cook have thought about something as improbable as ricing cauliflower, and creating a fantastic new component for so many wonderful dishes?

Perspective and curiosity-- that's what makes the world go 'round. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it has also inspired human imagination and powered a new and better understanding-- of people, places and things. Sadly, curiosity is one of the first qualities to disappear in the face of obstinance and false self-assuredness. But, gladly, curiosity is also one of the first things to return when we open ourselves to new ideas and experiences-- vive la difference!

And the crazy thing is, it's only one intentional breath away. I know that sounds like some kind of woo woo, hug-a-tree nonsense to many but I say don't knock it, until you've tried it-- you're really short changing yourself, if you do. I had totally lost my sense of curiosity, until I found it. Other people may have a different view, but I'm really happy, and that counts for a lot.

Three years later (more than that, if you tack on the time that I researched and wrote The Mindful Law Guy blog) I'm still curious, and feeling creative. Sure, there are still good days and bad days-- good moments and bad moments-- but on balance, there's a lot more of the "good" than the "bad".

Who'd have ever thunk it?


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