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Singin' In The Rain

We all know the classic song, sung (and performed) by Gene Kelly-- it's the essence of liberation and is incredibly optimistic. Call me corny and old fashioned, but I love the song and totally connect with that moment.

While recently whistling the tune, it suddenly dawned on me: Wouldn't be incredible to be sittin' in the rain? Not a stormy downpour, but rather, a nice Summer rain-- wouldn't that be a moment? Being present, with Nature gently raining down upon us-- I've never experienced it, but I can't wait!

"Being in the moment", is something we've all read and heard about, but for those who may not yet have discovered it, sittin' in the rain (or kneeling, lying or standing) might just be your cup of tea. Who knows?

A lot of folks just beginning the meditation journey, think of the practice as being entirely in, and of, the mind but the fact is it involves not only the mind, but also, the body. Meditation is, after all, an embodied practice and bodily sensations-- an itch, sore back, or tweaky knee-- are all part of the moment and deserve our power of observation every bit as much as our thoughts.

In fact, many consider emotions to be a particular kind of thought-- thought that engenders a feeling in the body. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, moods-- they're all part of the "moment". Bodily feelings are often the most obvious doorway, so let's use that point of access.

For Alice, it was falling down a rabbit hole, For us, it's bound to be something else. Whatever the case may be, have fun, experiment, learn and observe-- to paraphrase Dr. Seuss: "Oh, the places your mind (and body) will take you"!

And all that might just start by sittin' in the rain.


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