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All By Myself

The business concern used to be referred to simply as, "D & I"-- today,  it's "D, E & I". There's a lot to be said about that, but for purposes of this piece, I'm focusing on the "I"--inclusion.

I'm not a big Eric Carmen fan, and I don't often find myself thinking of the song that this post is titled after, but it does serve to make a point-- even if it might sound a bit odd, to certain readers.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There is nothing more inclusive than mindfulness and meditation--especially         group meditation. Even though that may seem counterintuitive to some, it really is the case.

Where could you imagine a sixty-something white guy, sitting next to a thirty-something woman of color-- with eyes closed (if that's their choice), saying nothing, and simply breathing? If I may be so bold as to suggest the answer-- nowhere, except in a meditation space.

Group meditation sure doesn't sound, or look, like a typical all-hands get together event. Because, it's not. We're not alone, and we're not yucking it up with co-workers who look like us or act like us, pretending to have a good time.

We're with the other men and women who are sitting with us, in what is actually a shared experience. What might feel like something intensely personal, is something that is actually communal-- alone with our own thoughts and emotions, while simultaneously, part of a larger group that is doing the very same thing.

Shared experience is good for office culture-- even when it involves group participation in what may be a new or unfamiliar activity, and especially if it stimulates curiosity.

Maybe try sitting all by yourself, with a bunch of others? It'd sure give you something in common to talk about!


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