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This Magic Moment

"You" is really me (as in, you, yourself--"I" ).

Jay and the Americans-- or was it the Drifters-- (two 1960's groups that only us oldies would remember) weren't thinking about "me" when singing about "you". But the song-- which was good enough to be recorded twice, by two very different groups-- puts me in mind of something all together different.

The present is all that's guaranteed to us. The past has already occurred, and the future is yet to happen. In other words, the present moment is a good place to be-- especially whenever we have an important decision to make. Sure, past occurrences and future consequences need to be considered, but the only thing that we can really know for sure, is what's happening now.

The past is not always prologue (don't forget the, "if" that precedes that oft-used phrase), and the future is really just speculation (maybe informed speculation, but nonetheless, fundamentally a guess) so let's keep it in the now-- let's keep it real.

Making decisions--whether they be for ourselves, or for others-- is something that is often difficult. And the difficulty usually originates with our own thoughts or emotions, regardless of who is impacted. Therein lies my pitch for mindfulness and meditation-- both can help us better manage difficult thoughts or emotions,

Better management of one's self= better lawyer, and better lawyer= better decision making. It really isn't magic!


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