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I'm In A Hurry

The song is a classic and the band, of course, is Alabama-- another favorite of mine. If you ever need to scratch a country music itch, there are a lot of great songs a tremendous artists and Alabama is definitely one of them.

Why are so many of us in a hurry? That's a question for another blog. How can we stop, or minimize, the impulse to hurry? Now you're talking my kind of talk, and you probably know my answer: Mindfulness and meditation.

An antidote for hurrying? Maybe try a few moments of stillness. The perfect counter-pose for distraction? Maybe, a few moments of silence. As the old comedian, Henny Youngman, would say: "If it hurts, don't do it" (you can probably check out the entire joke, on YouTube).

"Hurrying" means different things to different people but in pretty much every case, it involves getting to, or thinking about, the next thing-- without any attention being given to what's going on, right now. Ram Dass's classic book, Be Here Now, might sound like just another hippie slogan but don't be fooled by it's apparent simplicity. It's good medicine!

Many of us are taught, or are just naturally inclined to, run and run -- to constantly push ourselves. No judgment here: I was certainly one of those people, and accomplishing things was my raison d'etre. As a matter of fact, I still lapse into that mode (albeit less frequently, and with some degree of awareness).

No need to "hurry" into not hurrying. It'll come-- with practice! In the meantime, please remind yourself that you needn't run and run. until life's no fun.

Make time for fun!


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