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Are Mindfulness, Meditation and Lawyer Wellbeing, "Jumping The Shark"?

The etymology of the phrase "jumping the shark" is attributed to the old television sitcom, Happy Days (check out the photo of The Fonz water-skiing over a shark), and is colloquially understood to mean something along the lines of, "you're losing it"-- relevance, that is.

The antonym, or opposite, of "jumping the shark" is "growing the beard", which is colloquially understood to refer to an increasing credibility or qualitative improvement, following a specific incident.
Are you with me so far? Jumping the shark: Bad. Growing the beard: Good.

Which causes me to wonder whether interest in mindfulness, meditation and lawyer wellbeing (yes, they're interrelated) are jumping the shark, or growing the beard? Inquiring minds want to know-- at least, individual inquiring minds, if not institutional inquiring minds.

Many of the men and women who make up the legal profession would like to know-- the law firms that purport to represent those men and women? Not so much-- for the most part, they're just interested in making bank. Which raises an interesting juxtaposition: Most law firms seem to be jumping the shark, while many individual lawyers are growing the beard-- something's got to give.

Quoting the great singer/songwriter, Sam Cooke, "a change is gonna come", and my money (if I was a betting man) would be on the individuals, not the institutions of the legal profession. After all, the institutions will be run by the individuals, soon enough.

Sharks or beards-- that's all in good fun, but lawyer wellbeing is not. Mindfulness, meditation and lawyer wellbeing are not diminishing in relevance-- to the contrary, they're growing in both relevance and importance.

It's been a long time coming, but a change is gonna come!


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