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Mindful, Meditative Haiku

A month or two back, I posted a short piece entitled, "The Happy Lawyer" that received a lot of attention. One of the comments wondered out loud (obviously, tongue in cheek) if I was experimenting with haiku-- a time-honored form of Japanese poetry.

That got me thinking about haiku, and inspired me (unfortunately, for readers) to take a shot at composing a few haiku about mindfulness and meditation. Herewith, a few of my attempts-- they're not particularly artful, and they don't strictly adhere to the 5--7--5 syllable line format that is traditionally recognized, but what the heck: I tried.

Mindfulness and meditation

Silence and stillness
Attentive--not merely there
Learning to observe

Breathing with purpose
Feeling with attentiveness
Learning is a challenge

Breathing and watching
Feeling and thought
"Be Here Now" is wise

Quiet, still, aware
I choose to rest in the moment
It is a healthy choice

Changing behavior
Changing my expectations
Change is a good thing

OK, so my attempt at composing haiku describing mindfulness and meditation was not all that good, but you get the idea. And it leaves plenty of room for you to craft your own-- please share your three line missive(s) in the comments!


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