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Why Do You Practice?

What a tremendous question-- and an even better reminder! I don't know about you, but need constant reminding even though I have a set time, every morning. After practice, I've started asking myself-- why?

Not long ago, I attended a half-day virtual retreat hosted by the Mindfulness In Law Society ("MILS"), and it did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, it was reinvigorating, and really pretty amazing-- especially given the challenges that remote connections can pose, for such an event.

The keynote speaker was Rhonda McGee-- need I say more? And the host/moderator-- Judi Cohen, (founder of Warrior One)-- started the event by asking a simple question: Why do you practice? She then invited attendees to log into several different break-out rooms, so we could ask each other the very same question, and listen to (learn from) others.

The exercise-- which was sudden and unexpected-- was (for me) a bit jarring, because the question was so simple and direct. But it turned out to be incredibly insightful, because of just that: It was totally unexpected, and unscripted. And, as a result, completely honest.

It was truly engaging to listen to others, and it was even more engaging to listen to myself (the same question was asked repeatedly by one of the others, and each successive answer was a surprise). Truth be told, I continue to surprise myself, and the answer is different, pretty much every time.

I could catalogue in writing many of my responses, but that doesn't feel right-- they somehow feel less authentic-- less "true" when expressed in writing, than when spoken, orally. Writing down certain things is, in a way, less direct and more-- what's the word? Curated, maybe? Anyway, they're my responses, not yours.

Try asking yourself the question-- your responses will surprise, and (I believe) delight you!


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