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Psychology 101

Granted, the science of psychology and the realities of our mental health can be complicated and varied. But that doesn't mean we can't responsibly address some of those complexities, ourselves. Without a doubt, the involvement of medical and/or psychological expertise can be helpful-- perhaps, even necessary. But there is much we can do for ourselves.

Medically diagnosable/treatable physical and mental health conditions are appropriately the province of trained professionals (among whom I do not include myself). But what about women and men who have more "common" challenges? What about women and men who are just off their game a bit, are struggling with a break-up or other relationship concern, or are feeling a vague kind of malaise that gets in the way of them being, or feeling, their best?

Don't they deserve the benefit of self-help tools-- something they can do for themselves-- short of professional therapy or medical treatment? Or, maybe, something they can do in addition to professional therapy or medical treatment? In appropriate circumstances I believe the answer is absolutely, "yes"-- that's where mindfulness and meditation can provide a big boost.

In many respects, mindfulness and meditation are really part of what one might regard as Psychology 101. They're foundational, accessible to all, and not in the least bit weird-- skepticism to the contrary. And both are defined on the Mindful Law Group website, in simple, straightforward terms that are truly secular-- that is to say, very much of-this-earth and "normal".

Sadly, the simplicity of mindfulness and meditation often belie their effectiveness-- especially among lawyers, who are taught to believe that complicated problems can only be effectively addressed by complicated solutions. I know that's a tough bias to overcome, but you know what-- get over it.

Mindfulness and meditation are easily demystified, obviously effective and can be readily incorporated into our everyday lives-- kind of like Psychology 101!


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