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Who Got My Back?

If the same question was asked of most lawyers (perhaps altered a bit, to be grammatically correct), the response would almost definitely not be: "My law firm". Sad to say, the first institution that should pop into the minds of most lawyers, is probably the last. Isn't that strange?

I'm talking about lawyer wellbeing, and counterintuitively, most law firms have been slow to the dance. The COVID pandemic has doubtless impacted things, but the wellbeing conversation is growing, and law firms would be well-advised to hear it-- and act upon it.

Change in the minds of our professionals, and their attitude toward the profession, is happening right now and mere lip service will no longer suffice. As the old saying goes: Action speaks louder than words-- and it is definitely time to act.

In response, the emergence of trained women and men who understand the importance of wellbeing in the workplace, has dramatically increased, and it's high time they were engaged and put to work. Lawyers are a notoriously tough audience, and to complicate matters even further, the legal profession (like most) is multi-generational. But let's get started!

We (the lawyers) have done our due diligence and studied the statistics-- we've listened to the scientists, and we've read all the studies the academics have published. We've signed wellbeing pledges, attended wellbeing conferences and virtue-signaled until we're "blue in the face".

It's time for our institutions-- and particularly, our law firms-- to really, and truly, have our back!


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