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Physical Health Begets Mental Health

"Happy wife: Happy life".

We've all heard that obviously sexist trope, and many of us truly believe it. Why? Because it's true-- true enough that we don't need confirming data or scientific studies to believe it. Our common sense and everyday life experience is good enough to support the wisdom of a common aphorism we've all heard and for the most part, accept.

The same common sense and everyday life experience also supports the wisdom of mind/body wellbeing-- most of us just know that it's true. Most of us now know that good physical health stimulates better mental health. We may not fully understand why but we nonetheless know it's "true", because we can feel it.

I think that's really important, especially for those of us in the legal profession. We all seem to have been raised in the "Show Me" state (speaking metaphorically) -- natural born skeptics and well-schooled problem-solvers just tend to be like that, thanks in no small part to our law school learning, law firm training and modelling of senior professional peers.

Generationally, that "show me" mentality seems to proliferate among older lawyers, while the middling ones are still in training and the youngsters are busy learning the ropes, as it were. But it's the older lawyers (the senior partners) who have the power to break the frat-like cycle of "hazing" that has existed for so long in the legal profession-- they have the standing and authority to make lawyer wellbeing the seminal change that our profession so very much needs.

Which is why I now consider all-encompassing and 100% confidential insurance to be such an important part of lawyer wellbeing-- coverage that overlays existing protection and affords individual lawyers with the financial ability to take care of every aspect of themselves-- physical, mental and emotional. True mind/body care, that supports other existing wellbeing initiatives, and likely increases attendance/participation.

Our leaders understand the wisdom of insurance protection, because of their common sense and everyday experience (as well as their financial acuity). Let's marry that wisdom and understanding with a tried-and-true financial product that can help move the wellbeing needle. Maybe, we should step back and reexamine our approach to lawyer wellbeing, because the status quo is not really working-- not as efficiently and effectively as it could.

The game of hop-scotch begins with a one-footed jump that, in turn, leads to a two-footed jump. Perhaps lawyer wellbeing does, too?


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