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New Rules

I've thought a lot about adopting a new approach to lawyer wellbeing-- an approach that would not abandon or undermine any of the work that has already been done and could actually boost the number of participants who attend future sessions.

I've spoken to a health insurance representative who understands the concept and has an existing product that affordably addresses all the critical criteria. Curiously, however, I have yet to hear from any law firms expressing either interest or identifying any specific concerns about my suggestion. I wonder why?

It could be attributed to abiding skepticism. It could be attributed to the belief that I've overlooked or underestimated something they see, that I do not. It could be attributed to bureaucratic caution. Or it could be attributed to the fact that they just don't care. We'll likely never know.

But I remain optimistic that at least one forward-thinking law firm will act, and others will follow-- the lemming effect will undoubtedly prevail. The only question in my mind is: Who will be the first adopter-- what firm will send the message to its professionals (and staff), that they really matter? What firm will send that same message to clients and the rest of the legal profession?

We've made a lot of progress in advancing the cause of lawyer wellbeing but we're not there, yet. I think we have overlooked the internal political power of equity partners-- the people who have real financial skin in the game. We need to address them. We also need to motivate them to participate-- to visibly support-- a firm's wellbeing initiative. Success begins at the top.

Maybe we need a New Rule (tip of the hat to Bill Maher) that requires our law firms-- all businesses-- to recognize and more effectively address the wellbeing of the women and men who account for their very existence?


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