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Grassroots: A Solution for Promoting Lawyer Wellbeing?

A lot has been said and written about the necessary elements of a successful wellbeing initiative in law firms-- or any large corporate environment. Almost always, I hear or read about the importance of internal "champions"-- individuals within an organization who are personally invested in, or are passionate about, wellbeing-- and are willing to do the heavy lifting.

Which got me thinking: What are the so-called "champions" being asked to do, and on whose behalf are they being asked to do it? What would happen if they took it upon themselves to start small-- with only a handful of like-minded men and women-- and do something that is meaningful to them and their like-minded cohortsrather than do something for others who don't share their commitment or enthusiasm?

Wouldn't that model also work for the "little guys"? Or the "medium-size" guys? Whether a formal employee assistance program ("EAP") or an informal group that gets together with the knowledge of, but not formal endorsement of, firm management-- in either event, it'd be an initiative that begins at the bottom. Not at the top.

It'd be what I refer to as a, "grassroots" affair. By the people, for the people. And if anyone wanted to join at a later date, all the better. Curiosity is best cultivated in others by watching and learning, and asking questions in one's own time and way. Granted, the process would be slower than a formal firmwide rollout and wouldn't have the same reach, but it would definitely be more sincere.

It all sounds so easy, but I know it's a process that requires a lot of energy and effort for which original "champions" would likely not be compensated, though their happiness, sanity and personal resilience would be richly rewarded.
Could grassroot efforts be the future of workplace wellbeing? Particularly, in our law firms? The old saying is, "Monkey see, monkey do". Let's give the monkeys something to see-- and do!

P.S. Overwhelming response to the last two postings has moved me to think/write more about the tipping point at which lawyer wellbeing now finds itself, and it is my sincere hope that this extra monthly post will further advance the momentum that is building within the legal profession, toward meaningful and widespread lawyer wellbeing-- physical, mental and emotional.


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