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Successful Firms Encourage Workers To Grow

Personal growth, versus conformity. Encouragement for individuals to evolve, versus lockstep mentality and soaring productivity demands-- it really isn't a surprise that law firm management gives so much attention to things like bonuses and expanded vacation time (on top of sky-high salaries). And so little attention to lawyer wellbeing.

Management remains committed to tried-and-true business metrics such as revenue, recruitment, retention (impersonal measurements of productivity), and resistant to new metrics that focus on individual growth-- because there is an inexplicable and increasingly urgent disconnect between the individual and the organization. Enter the metric(s) of workplace wellbeing.

Lawyers need it. Increasingly, lawyers want it. And although the means or method may differ from one firm to another, the underlying truth remains constant: The earnest initiation of a wellbeing initiative evidences a desire on the part of the firm, to connect with -- and acknowledge the importance of-- the individuals who make up the firm.

As important as it may be for law firm leaders to walk the halls, interact with staff and/or stop into one's office every once in a while, for a cuppa and an unscheduled chat, it's equally important to embrace the idea, and the practice of, workplace wellbeing. It's also important to participate-- to walk the walk. To "do as I do. not merely as I say".

That may sound a bit like the old rah, rah but wellbeing-- the concern for individual growth-- doesn't have to be complicated. And it doesn't have to be expensive (though it does require time). But then again, so do walking the halls or savoring a cuppa, or chatting with a co-worker about something other than work.

Lawyers (like most everyone) are people who appreciate the opportunity to develop and grow. Simple, but not easy!


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