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Feel The Fit

The thing about meditation is that it's experiential. Once we feel it, we can assess whether/how it works for us. And-- to paraphrase an old saying-- don't knock it, until you've tried it.

Granted, the idea to "Feel the Fit" didn't exactly start with me-- it was a sales pitch coined by a commercial writer, but ironically, the art of selling a product can also work to promote an idea. And the idea I'm promoting is meditation. It's definitely a "fit" for me-- could it possibly be a "fit" for you?

Individually, we all answer that question in whatever way makes sense to each of us, and I suspect that relates in large degree to what it is we consider meditation to be. Is it the formal, seated practice (with eyes closed), or is it something else? Is it the same thing every time, or can it differ? Does it always involve the breath, or does it sometimes vary?

For me, meditation can be a lot of different things. Pretty much anything that helps me be mindful (to "be here, now"-- respect to Ram Dass). That certainly involves nuance learned in more formal meditation, but sometimes, that nuance comes unexpectedly during different kinds of activity-- physical exercise, washing dishes and even walking the dog!

Meditation makes some of the simplest pleasant things more-- what's the word-- maybe, meditative. More meaningful. More mindful. Just plain more. At the same time, meditation also makes some of the simplest unpleasant things less. Less overwhelming. Less worrying. Less fretful. Just plain less.

But, enough of that-- back to the "fit". I wear clothes that (for the most part), fit me. Presumably, you wear clothes that fit you.

Meditation is a practice that fits me. Maybe, it also fits you?


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