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I've Been Everywhere

When the iconic Johnny Cash recorded the song mentioned in the title to this piece, he was singing about places that were (at least, nominally) part of his journey as a young vocalist-- that's obviously not the case for me.

When I say I've been everywhere, I'm speaking figuratively, of course. I'm talking about ideas, all of which are serious (even though the writing may not always reflect it). Many of those ideas have been everywhere, and for that I am grateful. I'm also hopeful-- good ideas have a way of spreading.

Granted, the segment of the reading public that I know best (the legal profession) has been slow to respond, and even slower to adopt. The good news is that other segments of the business population (i.e., other companies in the business world, and a lot of individuals who may someday become champions at work, as well as practitioners at home) are joining me in ever-growing numbers-- worldwide!

Soon enough, the utility (dare I say, the necessity) of mindfulness and meditation will become apparent to even the most skeptical business leaders and those practices will become viable components of workplace wellbeing. Until then ..................

Initially, I had naively thought that if I and others, "built it" they would come (ala Field of Dreams), but it turns out that learning and adopting practices that are foreign to some, is a lot different than building a baseball field-- it's actually a lot harder. One small step for man, is significantly less challenging than a giant leap for mankind.

And everywhere is a big place-- it takes time to get there. But that's alright. Mindfulness and meditation have been around a long time, and they're not going away anytime soon.


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