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Letting Go

Suzy Bogguss recorded the beautiful song mentioned in the title to this piece, and as I recently replayed it in my mind I realized (after letting it sink in) that a number of people, places and things I am very fond of will someday be gone. That's a pill that is really hard to swallow.

Attachment works like that. It's not bad, in and of itself, but it becomes a habit that is really hard to shake-- which is why it's better to get working on it earlier than later, before whoever or whatever becomes too deeply ingrained and we become attached.

Some people, places or things are just not possible to let go of completely, but that doesn't mean we can't soften the eventual loss a bit by being kind to ourselves and recognizing that choices we made in the past usually made sense at the time we made them-- even if they don't seem to make much sense, at present.

That's where meditation can be a big help-- watching the mind as it thinks (and attaches) to thoughts, being curious about those thoughts while being careful not to judge them, then allowing them pass. Again, and again. After enough reps, muscle memory begins to kick in and we become more patient-- less inclined to grab on to a thought and begin catastrophizing.

It may not be easy but learning to let go can be really helpful!


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