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When You Get Right Down To It

Personally, I'm a fan of The Delfonics' cover of the song that was written by Aretha Franklin, but the melody is tremendous, and the lyrics are right on the money:

     When you get right down to it
     Isn't this moment what it's all about?
     When you get right down to it
     Don't you just feel this moment says everything?

Ah yes-- the moment. The proverbial here, and now. We all know what that is, and it's not "out there", in the slightest bit. Aretha was not "out there"-- and mindfulness/meditation are not "out there". C'mon people. Let's get real!

Making time to remind ourselves of what we're feeling at any point in time-- and not attaching a particular meaning to those feelings or judging them to be "good" or bad"-- is about as real as it gets. And denying that reality, is generally understood to be unproductive, if not downright troubling.

There may be a difference of opinion about the training or practice one should pursue in order to cultivate awareness of the moment, but let's not confuse a method or means, with the importance of the moment. One thing is not the other and if we're following the bouncing ball, we know and recognize the difference.

If anyone knows of a different way to access the moment, then by all means, go for it-- if not, maybe give meditation (and mindfulness) a chance. You never know, until you try it.

And when you get right down to it, that's pretty important!


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