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I'm Free

Yes, it's true-- I'm a huge fan of Pete Townsend and The Who-- what a treat to have grown up, listening to their music! It's time their rock opera "Tommy" made an appearance in the August blog series!

As much as I love this particular song, I have to admit that I've long wondered-- free from what? Free to do, or be, what? Well, I finally have an answer--not the answer, but an answer: Free to be curious.

In Tommy's case, his curiosity led to the mastery of pinball, and a whole lot more. In my case, curiosity has led me to explore mindfulness and the practice of meditation-- it has also led me to become an advocate for the recognition of both as important components of workplace wellbeing (especially, for lawyers).

I've long been familiar with the mind/body health dichotomy, having been a devotee of physical health through sports and a later passion for physical conditioning. In the past several years, however, I've become as much interested in understanding the health of my mind-- something to which I had previously given little attention.

Exploring and better understanding my mind-- which has also led me to examine and become more aware of my emotions and feelings-- has been a fascinating journey. Thank goodness, I have the freedom (and the curiosity) to take that journey.

Physical health is something that most people now recognize, as important to one's wellbeing. But, what about mental health? At long last, the mind has begun to receive the same kind of attention that was previously given-- almost exclusively-- to the body.

Just as physically overweight, deformed and infirmed people have finally begun to be recognized as unwitting victims of conditions over which they exert little control, so too are women or men who may be addicted or afflicted with diseases of the mind finally being recognized as unwitting victims of conditions over which they exert little, if any, control.

We're all free to be a part of that change-- we're all free to be curious and engaged!


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