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Fight The Power

When the Isley Brothers first released this song in 1975, it meant something far different to me than what it means now. Almost 50 years later, the political opponent of my then-imagination is now much more determined to maintain the status quo, and even turn the clock back.

As an older man, I'm still naive about some things-- just as I was when I was a long-haired teenager. I'm also easily disappointed, but as of late, that disappointment has been converted into determination-- a determination to do whatever I can to help young lawyers evolve into better (and healthier) versions of themselves, because the status quo is not working.

Any group or institution that pays lip service to lawyer wellbeing, while at the same time quietly opposing or undermining it, I now regard as "the power" and I am determined to fight it (figuratively) for as long as it takes or as long as I am able.

Data has been collected by scientists, and rational arguments have been marshalled by respected academics. Wellbeing advocates (like myself) have continued to bang the drum, and muster not only facts, but also, creative approaches to implementation. Still, our law firms seem to drag their feet.

Even though the wellbeing Pledge has been signed by more than 200 firms, precious little has been done to move the proverbial needle. Virtue signaling has become coin of the realm in the legal world, and as the Isleys might say, there's a lot of [bleep] going down!

The legal profession can openly embrace the importance of wellbeing. and still be "special"-- still be relevant and necessary. EQ is every bit as important as IQ, and clients know it-- pretty much everyone knows it.

Ronald Isley wrote that, "time is truly wastin'" and you know what? He is (was) absolutely right-- we got to fight the powers that be!


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