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Closer To My Home

Okay, Grand Funk Railroad may not have been particularly influential or prescient, but they had their moments, and this song was one of them.

The song begins with the musings of a ship captain as he begins a trip and ends with a long reflection about returning to the port from which he began his journey-- his, "home". My personal take on where home is, or what it is, is metaphorical. The captain has been on a journey that is different than what may be expressed by his words, though it's clearly implied in the song.

The story of returning home is centuries old-- it's as old as humankind and is found in the mythologies of all extant cultures, as well as most every predecessor culture. We can't say that about many things in this world, and I think it's worth reflecting upon.

Why is "home" so often the destination? And what is "home" meant to symbolize? Is it a physical place, or a spiritual place? Is it possibly both-- or neither? Lots of questions, for which there seems to be no definitive, or conclusive, answer.

For me, "home" is not a place-- it's me. And I access me, most readily, through silence and stillness (meditation) and curious engagement that is non-judgmental and unattached (mindfulness). But that seems to beg yet another question: Who am I, or what is me?

Maybe, ask the captain-- or ask yourself. Whatever the response, it's bound to be more complicated than can be explored in a short and simple blog post, so I won't even try.

All I can say is, I'm getting closer!


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