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Never Can Say Goodbye

Whether humming the Jackson 5 original, or the Isaac Hayes cover, it's a great song and the lyrics get me thinking about the reality of learning to let go-- it's really important!

Whether letting go of a challenging emotion and learning to respond, rather than react, or letting go of a powerful thought that keeps recurring and dominating the mind, it's never easy-- especially for romantic types like me, who become easily attached.

Which is why the sentiment expressed in the title to this song is so enticing for many of us. So scintillating-- so seemingly, natural. When in reality, there is little we can do to control the outcome of events or the reaction of others.

So, being a romantic, how do I practice letting go? How do I build the muscle memory that can help me? The answer is pretty simple: Meditation-- it's helped me sort through a number of difficult moments, over the past several years. The hope (dare I say the expectation) is that meditation will continue to help me in the years to come.

I have no illusion about the fact that some things in the future will be harder to let go of, than others. I do know (and expect), however, that I won't be ruled by those things the way I was before I began to meditate. It ain't broke, so I'm not fixin' it!

Sure, I'll continue to miss the people. places and things that are dear to me, but I'll miss them without wallowing in regret or memory. And I certainly won't lapse into those kinds of thoughts or emotions, in anticipation of the fact-- anticipation serves no real purpose and is really just a figment of an overactive imagination.

We can't control the waves, but we can learn to surf! And we can learn to let the waves pass and say, goodbye!


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