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Doing Better (Competence) Starts With Feeling Better (Wellbeing)

It's really not complicated-- how we feel, can have a dramatic impact on the advice we give to others.

Sure, advice can be colored by myriad other variables: Our innate ability to empathize or sympathize; Our personal biases; Our ability to set aside distraction; Our mood or predisposition-- the list is seemingly endless. And it behooves us (individually and institutionally) to help both others and us, in dealing with whatever variables may exist. That's where wellbeing comes into the picture.

Wellbeing itself, is also complicated and can come in many different shapes or sizes. Wellbeing can be compromised by addiction (kudos to the State-run Lawyers' Assistance Programs), or any number of medical/psychological conditions. It can involve personal finances or other personal challenges (illness, death or relationship estrangement) and it can pertain to more general emotional conditions that simply take us out of our comfort zones.

Wellbeing can involve any or all of the above-- at different times, or at the same time. For an hour, a day, a month or for years. It's a never ending, continuous challenge and it wears lots of different hats. In street parlance, wellbeing can be a real b*tch. Sometimes it's predictable and sometimes completely by surprise-- we're all susceptible. Which is why (here comes the good news) we need to individually and institutionally prioritize wellbeing. What a tremendous opportunity.

Taking the legal profession as an example, our law firms can seize the opportunity by encouraging both staff and professionals to avail themselves of wellbeing programs or initiatives that address their unique personal challenges.

Who knows? The option to feel better, might just help us actually do better!


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