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Who'll Be First?

The point is irrefutable: There is a direct connection between competence and wellbeing. The policy is clear: Taking care of the women and men who are the sinew of a law firm, is something that leaders should proudly own-- if not publicly trumpet. And the ultimate result is both foreseeable, and positive: Well lawyers (and support staff) will still fight for the firm's clients-- they just won't hate.

With point, policy and result having been thoroughly examined, only one question remains: What law firm will be the first? What firm will lead the pack? What firm will forge the path of the profession's future, and define progress in terms of competence and wellbeing, rather than emphasizing compensation?

Of course, compensation will continue to be important (See, prior references to financial wellbeing) but it's not more important than competence or wellbeing-- it's not even close. Compensation has little, if anything, to do with either. In point of fact, one could convincingly argue that money (compensation) can't buy either competence or wellbeing.

Both competence and wellbeing require discipline. Compensation does not. Competence and wellbeing each require effort. Compensation does not. Competence (like wellbeing) is tested continuously. Compensation not so much. Quantifying, or measuring, competence and wellbeing may be challenging and require new metrics, but if that leads to reputational and actual excellence, so what?

Do something that is truly rare in the legal profession-- dare to be the first!


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