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The Sound of Silence

For me, that's the way it started.

It may have been only 1 minute-- it may have been 5. But it was short, simple and incredibly impactful. And it involved only me. What an incredible way to begin!

For years, I'd privately hoped that the practice of law would somehow change, and I assumed that it would change from the top down-- little did I imagine that the profession would change from the bottom up. One person at a time, in a completely individualized time and manner.

Strategically, that approach wasn't the most obvious way to fuel a revolution, but you know what? It was the most effective way, and it was an approach that law firms could not control.

From a simple, personal discovery would come a widespread, rooted and persistent new behavior that influenced others to push the boundaries of change even further than I could have imagined. Initially, I did not-- but now, I do. Yes-- I most certainly, do.

It's why I retired from the practice of law and founded the Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group. It's why I began blogging, in earnest. It's why I began leading group meditation sessions and teaching meditation classes. It led me to identify mindfulness and meditation as important components of lawyer wellbeing, and it motivated me to become a vocal advocate of workplace wellbeing, throughout the business world.

As the process began to gain in scope and momentum, I lost sight of how important it was just to begin. I lost sight of how important beginning really was-- and is. But I've (thankfully) been reminded, and I am resolved that I will never lose sight of that fact again. Beginning is the first step toward growth-- toward learning, and toward sharing.

Start small and be curious-- the rest will follow. Start simply, with the sound of silence!


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