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Mindfulness-Based Law Practice

I've been slow to comment on a tremendous book and idea authored by Mark Leonard, because I've been reading and re-reading it. The title of the book is: MBOE: Social Mindfulness (A Guide to Meditations from Mindfulness-Based Organizational Education) -- it's important, and it's incredibly substantive. Standing applause for Mr. Leonard, and a similarly inclined institution known as The Mindfulness Initiative ("TMI").

Both MBOE and TMI are British, and frankly, they're light years ahead us here, in the States-- as best I've been able to determine, they're light years ahead of everyone, pretty much everywhere in the world. Thank goodness for their forward-looking vision extending the relevance of mindfulness (a traditionally inward-facing practice that focuses on the individual) to larger, outward-facing, social concerns like the environment, social justice and yes, organizational education.

Quoting the first two paragraphs of the Introduction to the MBOE book: "Mindfulness has become a household word, but it means many different things to different people. The commonly held view is that it reduces stress, anxiety and depression. In organizations and on a policy level, it is seen as a cost-effective means of improving mental wellbeing or reducing mental ill health. With increasing levels of mental health problems, more and more people are learning about it.

"MBOE is a new 'social mindfulness' programme that combines mindfulness practice with a sense of human relatedness. This changes the way mindfulness is taught and practiced to make it a force for organizational and social change. It is designed to develop insight into the way we create a sense of separate self and how this creates subconscious biases. It helps people understand their motives, communicate effectively and cooperate in times of change" (my emphasis).

Lest one be quick to write off MBOE or the work of TMI as woo woo science that panders to dreamers or wishful thinkers, one should first consider that the MBOE curriculum is taught at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (an independent organization that has collaborated with the University of Oxford), and TMI serves as Secretariat for the UK Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group ("MAPPG") -- they're both very much of the "real" world.

And they have both contributed to an idea that I'm interested in developing and promoting: Mindfulness-Based Law Practice ("MBLP"). If you're interested in learning more about MBOE, just search "Mindfulness Connected" on the Internet. If you're interested in learning more about The Mindfulness Initiative, search "TMI".

If you're interested in learning more about my idea for MBLP, please drop me a line on LinkedIn or my personal email: It's a heavy lift, but with numbers and the right kind of support, we can do it!


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