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Some questions are better off, being never asked. And some answers are better off, being never given. But ask, I will-- the answer be damned!

Why are so many people (like the managers of our law firms) so incurious about mindfulness and meditation? Why don't they (or why won't they) make even a token effort to inquire or understand? Is it ignorance? Or uncertainty? Is it indifference? Or is it something else?

In a small and totally unscientific exercise that involved eleven friends, one of our group disclosed in a common text to everyone, that I had founded The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group and was the author of a blog concerning mindfulness and meditation-- a month later, I have yet to hear a peep from anyone (though the group has exchanged texts about several other unrelated things). The silence has been deafening.

Which got me wondering-- why? My ego needs to be reassured that the silence has nothing to do with me (I don't believe it does) but looking past that trivial concern, I'm still curious as to why? For the life of me, I can't figure out the answer. There could very well be none-- at least, none that anyone could articulate.

Maybe, it's less of an answer, and more of a feeling. Confusion? Embarrassment (for them, or for me)? Denial? Rejection? I don't know, and probably never will-- they're not saying, and it's apparently not for me to ask. Sadly, in the world of human affairs that's just the way it is-- there are other less unsettling, or unknown, things to talk about.

At the very end of her iconic song, Why? Annie Lennox whispers: "You don't know how I feel". Do any of us really know how, or what, or why we-- or anyone else-- feels? It's one of life's great mysteries.

Is there an answer to the question, why so many people just can't seem to get their heads around mindfulness and meditation? I guess it's just a good-natured shrug, two thumbs up and a wistful, "vive la difference".

Maybe, someday, our business leaders (and law firm leaders) will ask themselves the question: Why?


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