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Meditation Hesitation

The old adage is: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink". So, I say to our business leaders (especially those in the legal vertical) -- start leading your horses!

Lead them to water by teaching them about mindfulness and meditation, and provide them with an opportunity to practice, if they choose to do so. Meditation (and its close cousin, mindfulness) are both important components of any thoughtful workplace wellbeing initiative, and workers deserve to learn more about them  -- regardless of whether they ultimately "drink", slurp or sip.

Why the hesitation to provide an introductory session? Why the avoidance of even the most basic education? I'm not privy to the thoughts of Managing Partners, Executive Committee members, or random partners who may be consulted informally but I cannot conceive of an explanation, except to suggest that it may have to do with money.

I understand that mindfulness and meditation may not be everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't justify a seeming disregard for individual choice. Why not provide education and opportunity, then allow individuals to make their own choice? It's head-scratching, to say the very least. And if the issue is monetary, why not be transparent about that?

Lawyer wellbeing-- all workplace wellbeing-- is far too important to be trifled with. And the growing attention that is being given to matters concerning mental health (which is squarely addressed by mindfulness and meditation, as available self-care tools) makes the matter even more compelling.

Competence in governance is brought plainly into the spotlight by decisions being made about workplace wellbeing, and decisions made about mindfulness and meditation, are part and parcel of that process.

The time for due diligence and debate has passed-- now is the time for action, and The Mindful Law Coaching & Consulting Group can help. Where are the leaders who will lead on this truly existential issue?


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